QuakeCottage Events


Canada's only EarthQuake Simulator allows people to experience what a seismic event of some magnitude could feel like.

What the Quake Cottage does is produce an earthquake-type of “Intensity” — which is the strength or force of the motion. Riders in the simulator experience about 25 seconds of 1g of motion. That G-force can happen in a 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, or 9.0 earthquake. The 25-second duration is common with earthquakes around a 7–7.5.

Available for Corporate & Government Events!

Patented Fasteners


Secure your contents with Safe-T-Proof engineered strapping systems; Labratory-Tested & Certified for tensile & shear strength.

Anti-tip protects children and pets from everyday injury.

Be prepared for a seismic event!

Cripple Wall Reinforcing


One of the most important things you can do to protect your home its to make sure the walls are bolted to the foundation and then reinforce the cripple walls supporting your main floor with plywood.   

The cost of this preparedness for a seismic event is much lower than you may think. Cripple Wall Reinforcing is one of the simplest and most rewarding retrofits you can do as it can reduce the cost of repair and may even prevent structural damage altogether.

Make your home safer before an earthquake and keep it  habitable afterward. It can save lives and reduce the time needed to recover.

Certified Installers


Do It Yourself or have our Certified Installers make life easier and safer by taking care of contents securing for your home or office.

We install the precise engineered strapping for each device, furniture item, or appliance which in turn secures it against 0, 45, and 90 degree movement.

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Earthquake Kits


Survival Kits can be essential for living prepared for any type of disaster weather man-made or natural.

Our kits contain the essentials for three days.

Have one accessible in your home, have another smaller one in your car incase you are away from your home if an earthquake or disaster occurs.

Live Prepared. Get your Kits today!


Seismic Retrofitting


Our understanding of earthquakes movement and effect on structures has improved in recent years.  

From this, we see the value in keeping the home or commercial structure moving together instead of displacement of wall from foundation.

Many structures have soft-story, open first floor or garages that can contribute to excessive movement or collapse.