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Canada's Only Mobile Earthquake Simulator

Public events
Corporate events

The purpose of the QuakeCottage™ is to provide an educational experience of what it is like to go through a major earthquake and how to prepare.  Our machine gives a realistic simulation of about an 8.0 magnitude quake for 30 seconds.  

We are available for many different types of events!

Things to know if you are considering hosting a QuakeCottage event:

  • Truck and Simulator stay attached during event

  • Space Required: 20' x 50'

  • Type of surface required: level area, cement, asphalt, paver stones, packed gravel

  • Trailer has a built in generator so no power is required, unless preferred

  • Up to 3 individuals can be seated and experience the simulation at a time

  • Each simulation is about 30 seconds and we include a bit of time for questions before or after

  • The ride contains loud sounds and graphic images

  • QuakeCottage equipment will be transported, set up and operated by our qualified personnel

QuakeCottage bookings are on a first come first serve basis.


To put in your request please CONTACT US


"I thought it was GREAT!!!! The kids really enjoyed the experience and the teachers were able to use that as a conversation/teaching point on what that kind of shaking would be like in their own homes, here at school, etc. The set up was easy and the fact that they had high school volunteers made it very easy from a managerial point for us. I would highly highly recommend finding ways to get this at more schools". 


"Your contribution has helped over 980 people learn about personal emergency preparedness at our booth, while the Shake Zone was experienced by 518 people, ranging from 3 to 72 years of age. We greatly appreciate that Motion Safe was able to provide us with the Shake Zone simulator at such a fantastic event."


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