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Emergency preparedness resources

"Don't Be Scared, Live Prepared!"

Latest Worldwide Earthquakes

Earthquake and Tsunami Guide, prepared bc
People with disabilities emergency guide
Useful Links - North Shore Emergency Management website, full of useful resources on earthquakes and other emergencies. - Government of Canada's tips on making an emergency plan for individuals, those with disabilities/special needs, families and pets. - City of Vancouver's tips on earthquake and other disaster preparedness within the lower mainland.

Mr. Rooter's Recovering and Returning Home After a Natural Disaster guide - helps individuals and families navigate the potential stress and challenges of returning home after a natural disaster. The guide delves into how to remain safe while returning home and how to create a disaster recovery plan for different types of disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, and extreme weather conditions. It also helps individuals find established resources to help manage the work and financial burden the disaster might have created.

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