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Seismic Fasteners


Our Safe-T-Proof Seismic Fastening systems are designed & engineered to fit your commercial, residential and laboratory needs.  Secure your contents and protect valuable equipment, furniture, and research.

Certified installers


Our team of certified installers can come in and perform contents securing in your office, laboratory or home.  We also offer turnkey engineering services.  Contact us for a free quote.

Earthquake Simulator


The QuakeCottage™ 

earthquake simulator is available for public and corporate events, as well as schools.  We give riders an experience they will remember and educate them on how to live prepared.

Seismic Fasteners

MotionSAFE, Inc. is the Canadian Licensee for Safe-T-Proof Earthquake Fastening systems.  Safe-T-Proof has been securing Hospitals, Laboratories, Commercial facilities and residential homes since 1992 in California. MotionSAFE, Inc. is proud to bring these products to Canada.  Please view our website for more information.

Quake Cottage

The QUake CoTTage

The QuakeCottage Canada is the only mobile earthquake simulator in the Country.  Simulating about an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, we give riders an educational experience of what it's like to go through a major seismic event and how to live prepared.  We travel to different safety fairs, public events, corporate events, schools and more. 


For more information about bookings and prices please email us at or fill out the contact form below.

We have Proudly served:

Our Philosophy

Businesses large and small are required to have a Business Continuity Plan


We know there are many types of disasters, both natural and man-made that can interrupt your business such as: Wind, Fire, Water, Gas, Violence and Earthquakes.


Regarding Earthquakes, there are two main lines of thinking:​


We do not tend to get strong enough earthquakes in our area to be concerned.


If we ever get a large-scale earthquake, then the buildings will collapse destroying the contents.

The first creates sentiment to not take any action to prepare for future earthquakes.


The second ignores simple probability:


The chance of an earthquake hitting that is large enough to toss contents around is MUCH GREATER than the chance of an earthquake striking that is large enough to bring down a building.   


Businesses must include securing of contents to protect employees from injury and worse, as well as protect assets necessary for continuing operations.


Disasters can be wildly unpredictable such as the last hurricane in the Bahamas. No one forecast the massive hurricane to stay in the same location for two days.


The bottom line is that past experience in disasters does predict future impacts of disasters.


MotionSAFE can assess your companies risks and easily address the securing of contents through our Safe-T-Proof fastening systems, helping protect your employees and your contents should an earthquake ever strike.  Securing contents contributes to a robust Business Continuity Plan.

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